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Sachs Shock Absorber Front Right For Ford 313758


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Shock Absorber

SACHS shock absorbers are of the highest quality, which is one reason why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers fit them as standard in new vehicles. Every year, over 10 million new vehicles roll off the assembly line fitted with SACHS auto shocks. Equally, SACHS applies its OE expertise to spare parts production, so its aftermarket shock absorbers are always state-of-the-art, which means a safer, more comfortable and contemporary drive. No matter what challenges the road presents, the chassis performance and dynamics they provide ensure perfect road grip and cornering.

  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • All add-on components galvanized with a high-quality finish
  • Ensures optimal cornering behaviour and road grip

Shock Absorber Design: Suspension Strut
Shock Absorber System: Twin-Tube
Shock Absorber Type: Gas Pressure
Parameter: SFE36/22X171A
Fitting Position: Right

Replaces following reference(s):
FORD: 1376814
FORD: 1376842
FORD: 1381824
FORD: 1384723
FORD: 1436860
FORD: 6G9118045ABC
FORD: 6G9118045ABB
FORD: 1430877
FORD: 6G9118045AAL
FORD: 6G9118045AAK
FORD: 1384722
FORD: 1430876
FORD: 6G9118045AAJ
FORD: 6G9118045AAH
FORD: 1430875
FORD: 6G9118045AAG
FORD: 6G9118045AAF
FORD: 1381823
FORD: 1384682
FORD: 1430874
FORD: 6G9118045AAE
FORD: 6G9118045AAD
FORD: 1430873
FORD: 6G9118045AAC
FORD: 6G9118045AAB
FORD: 1384680
FORD: 1424296
FORD: 1577959
FORD: 6G9118045BAL
FORD: 6G9118045BAK
FORD: 1424287
FORD: 1577955
FORD: 6G9118045BAJ
FORD: 6G9118045BAH
FORD: 1577936
FORD: 6G9118045BAG
FORD: 6G9118045BAF
FORD: 1376829
FORD: 1376846
FORD: 1384679
FORD: 1424096
FORD: 1577912
FORD: 6G9118045BAE
FORD: 6G9118045BAD
FORD: 1577907
FORD: 6G9118045BAC
FORD: 6G9118045BAB
FORD: 1424089
FORD: 1539849
FORD: 6G9118045AEL
FORD: 6G9118045AEK
FORD: 1539848
FORD: 6G9118045AEJ
FORD: 6G9118045AEH
FORD: 1381840
FORD: 1424088
FORD: 1539847
FORD: 6G9118045AEG
FORD: 6G9118045AEF
FORD: 1539846
FORD: 6G9118045AEE
FORD: 6G9118045AED
FORD: 1406421
FORD: 1539845
FORD: 6G9118045AEC
FORD: 6G9118045AEB
FORD: 1441596
FORD: 6G9118045ADL
FORD: 6G9118045ADK
FORD: 1376844
FORD: 1381839
FORD: 1406420
FORD: 1441595
FORD: 6G9118045ADJ
FORD: 6G9118045ADH
FORD: 1441594
FORD: 6G9118045ADG
FORD: 6G9118045ADF
FORD: 1406404
FORD: 1441593
FORD: 6G9118045ADE
FORD: 6G9118045ADD
FORD: 1441592
FORD: 6G9118045ADC
FORD: 6G9118045ADB
FORD: 1381827
FORD: 1406402
FORD: 1436865
FORD: 6G9118045ABL
FORD: 6G9118045ABK
FORD: 1436864
FORD: 6G9118045ABJ
FORD: 6G9118045ABH
FORD: 1406401
FORD: 1436863
FORD: 6G9118045ABG
FORD: 6G9118045ABF
FORD: 1436862
FORD: 6G9118045ABE
FORD: 6G9118045ABD
BOGE: 36G08A
SACHS: 824904006324
SACHS: 824904004736

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Weight4.558 kg
Dimensions70 × 20.3 × 20.3 cm



313 758



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