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Sachs Shock Absorber Front Left For Ford 313283


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Shock Absorber

SACHS shock absorbers are of the highest quality, which is one reason why numerous well-known automotive manufacturers fit them as standard in new vehicles. Every year, over 10 million new vehicles roll off the assembly line fitted with SACHS auto shocks. Equally, SACHS applies its OE expertise to spare parts production, so its aftermarket shock absorbers are always state-of-the-art, which means a safer, more comfortable and contemporary drive. No matter what challenges the road presents, the chassis performance and dynamics they provide ensure perfect road grip and cornering.

  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • All add-on components galvanized with a high-quality finish
  • Ensures optimal cornering behaviour and road grip

Shock Absorber Design: Suspension Strut
Shock Absorber System: Twin-Tube
Shock Absorber Type: Gas Pressure
Parameter: SFE32/22X167A
Fitting Position: Left

Replaces following reference(s):
FORD: 1234204
FORD: 1234205
FORD: 1318905
FORD: 1325705
FORD: 1362670
FORD: 1574984
FORD: 4M5118B039PAA
FORD: 4M5118B039BCA
FORD: 1570055
FORD: 4M5118B039BC
FORD: 4M5118B039BBA
FORD: 1360167
FORD: 1570051
FORD: 4M5118B039BB
FORD: 4M5118B039ACB
FORD: 1570050
FORD: 4M5118B039ACA
FORD: 4M5118B039ABB
FORD: 1325704
FORD: 1360166
FORD: 1570048
FORD: 4M5118B039ABA
FORD: 4M5118B039AAA
FORD: 1565335
FORD: 4M5118B038RCA
FORD: 4M5118B038BCA
FORD: 1360163
FORD: 1559519
FORD: 4M5118B038BAA
FORD: 4M5118045DBA
FORD: 1458862
FORD: 3M5118K001SC
FORD: 3M5118K001SB
FORD: 1318113
FORD: 1325699
FORD: 1360162
FORD: 1458859
FORD: 3M5118K001FBA
FORD: 3M5118K001FAA
FORD: 1458854
FORD: 3M5118K001CCM
FORD: 3M5118K001CCL
FORD: 1348856
FORD: 1455528
FORD: 3M5118K001CCK
FORD: 3M5118K001CC
FORD: 1455526
FORD: 3M5118K001CBM
FORD: 3M5118K001CBL
FORD: 1325103
FORD: 1348855
FORD: 1455524
FORD: 3M5118K001CBK
FORD: 4M5118K001RCB
FORD: 4M5118K001RC
FORD: 3M5118K001CB
FORD: 4M5118K001RBD
FORD: 4M5118K001RBC
FORD: 1455520
FORD: 3M5118K001CAL
FORD: 4M5118K001RBB
FORD: 4M5118K001RB
FORD: 3M5118K001CAK
FORD: 4M5118K001RAD
FORD: 4M5118K001RAC
FORD: 1348851
FORD: 1455519
FORD: 3M5118K001CAJ
FORD: 4M5118K001RAB
FORD: 4M5118K001RAA
FORD: 3M5118K001CAH
FORD: 4M5118K001RA
FORD: 4M5118K001PCD
FORD: 1441876
FORD: 3M5118K001CA
FORD: 4M5118K001PCC
FORD: 4M5118K001PCB
FORD: 3M5118B039SB
FORD: 4M5118K001PC
FORD: 4M5118K001PBB
FORD: 1318111
FORD: 1318112
FORD: 1325102
FORD: 1348850
FORD: 1441853
FORD: 3M5118B039SA
FORD: 4M5118K001PBA
FORD: 4M5118K001PB
FORD: 3M5118B039RBA
FORD: 4M5118K001PAB
FORD: 4M5118K001PAA
FORD: 1441825
FORD: 3M5118B039CB
FORD: 4M5118K001PA
FORD: 4M5118K001FCA
FORD: 3M5118B039ACA
FORD: 4M5118K001FC
FORD: 4M5118K001FBA
FORD: 1348784
FORD: 1440871
FORD: 3M5118B039AC
FORD: 4M5118K001FAA
FORD: 4M5118K001FA
FORD: 3M5118B039ABA
FORD: 4M5118K001ECA
FORD: 4M5118K001EC
FORD: 1440867
FORD: 3M5118B039AB
FORD: 4M5118K001EBA
FORD: 4M5118K001EB
FORD: 3M5118B039AAA
FORD: 4M5118K001EAA
FORD: 4M5118K001EA
FORD: 1325101
FORD: 1348776
FORD: 1440865
FORD: 3M5118B039AA
FORD: 4M5118K001DCA
FORD: 4M5118K001DC
FORD: 4M5118K001DAA
FORD: 4M5118K001DBA
FORD: 1372330
FORD: 4M5118K001CCA
FORD: 4M5118K001DA
FORD: 4M5118K001CBA
FORD: 4M5118K001CC
FORD: 1348773
FORD: 1372327
FORD: 1750030
FORD: 4M5118K001CB
FORD: 4M5118K001CAA
FORD: 1697749
FORD: 4M5118K001CA
FORD: 4M5118K001BDA
FORD: 1370284
FORD: 1681215
FORD: 4M5118K001BCD
FORD: 4M5118K001BCC
FORD: 1681214
FORD: 4M5118K001BCB
FORD: 4M5118K001BC
FORD: 1318906
FORD: 1325090
FORD: 1326194
FORD: 1370283
FORD: 1681187
FORD: 4M5118K001BBD
FORD: 4M5118K001BBC
FORD: 1619282
FORD: 4M5118K001BBB
FORD: 4M5118K001BB
FORD: 1370273
FORD: 1619278
FORD: 4M5118K001BAB
FORD: 4M5118K001BAA
FORD: 1619274
FORD: 4M5118K001BA
FORD: 4M5118K001ACF
FORD: 1326191
FORD: 1366828
FORD: 1619272
FORD: 4M5118K001ACE
FORD: 4M5118K001ACD
FORD: 1619271
FORD: 4M5118K001ACC
FORD: 4M5118K001AC
FORD: 1366827
FORD: 1595305
FORD: 4M5118K001ABF
FORD: 4M5118K001ABE
FORD: 1595300
FORD: 4M5118K001ABD
FORD: 4M5118K001ABC
FORD: 1325960
FORD: 1325961
FORD: 1366826
FORD: 1595299
FORD: 4M5118K001ABA
FORD: 4M5118K001AB
FORD: 1595239
FORD: 4M5118K001AAF
FORD: 4M5118K001AAD
FORD: 1366825
FORD: 1595236
FORD: 4M5118K001AAC
FORD: 4M5118K001AAA
FORD: 1575037
FORD: 4M5118K001AA
FORD: 4M5118B039RCA
FORD: 1365743
FORD: 1365744
FORD: 1575035
FORD: 4M5118B039RC
FORD: 4M5118B039RBA
FORD: 1575031
FORD: 4M5118B039RB
FORD: 4M5118B039PCB
FORD: 1574987
FORD: 1574988
FORD: 4M5118B039PCA
FORD: 4M5118B039PC
FORD: 4M5118B039PBA
FORD: 4M5118B039PBB
BOGE: 32P84A
SACHS: 111500313283
KYB: 334841
KYB: 334839

Additional information

Weight4.161 kg
Dimensions52 × 17.3 × 17.3 cm



313 283



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