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Sachs Dual Mass Flywheel For Opel 2294000296


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The SACHS dual-mass flywheel for vehicles (DMF) is the key to first-class passenger car vehicle drivability. The driver and the passengers experience a reduction of noise inside the driveline and the body as well as a smoother ride with a higher shift comfort. The use of advanced and multi-functional components enables the SACHS DMF for vehicles to be installed also in the compact vehicle class.

  • Offers reduced driveline and body noise, including quieter start-up behaviour
  • Reduces vibration in all speed ranges and isolates engine vibrations
  • Ensures smoother travel with more pleasant gear shifts and prevents transmission damage

Diameter [mm]: 240

Replaces following reference(s):
FIAT: 55559137
OPEL: 93185496
OPEL: 5616007
OPEL: 55354900
OPEL: 55570197
OPEL: 93184878
OPEL: 5616009
OPEL: 616235
SAAB: 55570197
SAAB: 93185496
SAAB: 616235
SAAB: 55354900
SAAB: 5616009
VAUXHALL: 5616007
VAUXHALL: 93185496
VAUXHALL: 55570197
VAUXHALL: 93184878
VAUXHALL: 616235
VAUXHALL: 5616009
LuK: 415047110
LuK: 415024110
VALEO: 836048
SACHS: 062294000219
SACHS: 062294000136
SACHS: 062294000650
SACHS: 062294000093
SACHS: 062294000296

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Weight12.165 kg
Dimensions32.8 × 31.3 × 8.3 cm



2294 000 296



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