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Sachs Clutch Kit Xtend For VW 3000970101


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Clutch Kit

Today, the service life of individual clutch components is almost identical. The SACHS clutch kit takes this into account by providing all relevant clutch parts and components that are required for clutch replacement, including a special grease for assembly that guarantees perfect, long-term clutch functioning after the replacement. SACHS clutch kits are available in various combinations. In addition to the modern XTend clutch pressure plate for vehicles, the most advanced kit also includes a dual-mass flywheel (DMF) and there are also additional combinations available, for example with concentric slave cylinder (CSC).

  • SACHS clutch kits offer all relevant components for clutch replacement
  • Kits also include special grease for assembly
  • Kits enable safe, effective and swift clutch replacement

Clutch Kit XTend 3in1 Seat/Skoda/VW

Replaces following reference(s):
AUDI: 04E 141 015 L
SEAT: 04E 141 015 B
SEAT: 04E 141 015 BX
SEAT: 04E 141 015 L
SEAT: 04E 141 015 LX
SEAT: 04E 141 016 F
SEAT: 04E 141 016 FX
SEAT: 04E 141 016 H
SEAT: 04E 141 016 HX
SKODA: 04E 141 015 B
SKODA: 04E 141 015 BX
SKODA: 04E 141 015 L
SKODA: 04E 141 015 LX
SKODA: 04E 141 016 F
SKODA: 04E 141 016 FX
SKODA: 04E 141 016 H
SKODA: 04E 141 016 HX
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 015 B
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 015 BX
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 015 L
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 015 LX
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 016 F
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 016 FX
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 016 H
VOLKSWAGEN: 04E 141 016 HX

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Weight5.678 kg
Dimensions28 × 27.5 × 7 cm



3000 970 101



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